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Open Source

Projects base on the Open Source concept is a central part of our vision. The following project are our current focus.

  • XWiki: We have used this wiki-system at least 7 years (since version 0.9x). The summer of 2012 we decided to return the favor, and created the danish version. It happened in one big effort, earning the top spot for Best Contributors to Leif Andersen at the Translation Wiki site.
  • OpenCms: This enterprise Content Management System is used for our commercial sites.

Web Productions

  • Danish Junior Cup: A Elite Badminton Team Tournament for Youth Players up to 17 year. We have supplied the web-site, referee-computers and other IT-infrastructure since 2008.
  • Ballerup Badminton Club 58: Official Home Page for Ballerup Badminton Club 58, a sports club in the city of Ballerup. We designed the pages and host the OpenCms application on our own servers.


BLA*net got it's start by publishing two innovative web sites in Denmark in the late Nineties.

From 1993 to 2004:

[Danske Nyheder]

A daily (monday to friday) news summary in danish.
A very few special events where coveret bi-lingual.
The Last being: Queen Margrethe the II celbrates 60 year birthday, april 16th 2000

And from 1996 to 2008:

[DilleSport Special (WWW)]

Direct on line coverage of major national and international sports events with focus on danes. Most newer specials had english language pages.

Both sites are stil maintained and we are working of reconstructing some of the lost data due to upgrades and changes of technology over the years.

Resume for Leif


Professionelle Linuxbrugere i Danmark/KLID

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